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109900-PatienceGod’s delayed answer to your prayer is grace shown in love. A delay is never a disregard for your petitions to Him. The delay is preparation for the above and beyond all that you could ever ask or imagine.” – Pastor Lionel

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What Space Do You Occupy?

A Very good question

Dream Big, Dream Often

I recently heard someone ask a deep and interesting question: What space do you occupy? There was no explanation to what the question meant or intended; it was simply asked and left to simmer.

Is it a question of proximity?  Or maybe a philosophical musing?  So as I tend to do I sat down quietly and unleashed my Achilles heal: my mind.

What space do I occupy?

In my mind, the question pertains to the concept of what one is accomplishing with one’s life.  As in, what difference are you making in the world?  What is your stamp on life?  It is my belief that each person is a small piece to a universal jigsaw puzzle.  We each must express our uniqueness to the world so that the world is complete. And without each individual expressing their uniqueness, the world is incomplete; much like a puzzle with missing or duplicate…

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” I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, move from here to there and it would move. Nothing is impossible.”
Matthew 17:20
Reference:New Living Translation study bible
A unseen action within ourself. As I read through this, I realized that I have faith that things will work out for the best. That He always works things for the good. The question was, do I have faith that He will or am I focused on where we are in life that my faith was in the situation, not on God.
Many times we get redirected in life and lose the main focus. God wants us to enjoy life and come into a closer relationship with Him. Redirecting our faith back to Him, with Him nothing is impossible ~
Just as a bird has faith in his wings, he is sure to soar through the sky


Inspire, Encourage and create Hope ~ Our Nontraditional Family

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Ma Ma!

It’s a heart, MA MA!


The amazing things you can find in your chips!

This child does not miss anything, great find!

It may not seem like much, he was so excited to find this, it was a big thing in our world!

Inspire, Encourage and create Hope ~ Our Nontraditional Family

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Energize Your Thoughts

Image courtesy of worktolive

Have you ever realize how fast time slips by at times without out even realizing it? Well, just imagine how faster it will be with distractions. We are living in a world that constantly demands our attention of which makes it harder to focus. However, to ensure that we stay on top of our purpose, we have to become more conscious of what is distracting us from carrying out our daily task.

It’s time to starve the distractions and feed your focus.

If you haven’t been starving the distractions you may want to start doing so. By starving the distractions and feeding your focus, it will be easier for you to tap into the available opportunity. We should take Winston Churchill advice, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Simply put, stay focus and keep your eyes…

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I once knew peace


I once knew peace





As I read through this, it gave me hope. It reminds me of how beautiful this world is. That He provides all we need. What a great gift He has given us. What a lovely peaceful place that must have been. That our world is still just as peaceful. The way we look at things can help us to have the peace that was there in the beginning.

Positive thinking gives positive results

Inspire, Encourage and create Hope ~ Our Nontraditional Family

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Christmas Meet and Greet 12/25

Dream Big, Dream Often

It’s the Meet and Greet Christmas edition at Dream Big!!

Ok so here are the rules:

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Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and Meet n Greet your butts off!

See ya when I get home on Monday!!


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Though in some words, it may not be the crop of the year. For our tiny spot on our porch and planted by the smallest hands, in a climate not so favorable, we had a nice little bounty of peppers!

Our Nontraditional Family

 JJ was so excited to see the different colors.

He was sure to point out each one as he said the color.

So proud of him!

Red, Orange, Purple and Green!

Inspire, Encourage and create Hope ~ Our Nontraditional Family

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