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Hello everyone.  I hope you’re getting through the week ok thus far.  Here’s a fun list I ran across to help make you smile.  Enjoy! 🙂

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Cleaning in end of summer season,in prep for the fall season! Yes the weather is getting a little cooler in the morning and evening. This is wonderful. I love that the weather is warm, the only draw back is that it can get pretty warm and it seems everyone hides away inside, in the air conditioning. I can’t  blame them. 

The moment I notice the change, I throw open those windows and doors! Let the light shine in!

A bit of happy can spread miles.

Luck? Fate? or Something Else?

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I am a Diet Coke fanatic.  (Before people start telling me that it isn’t healthy for me, I have to admit that it is stress relief to take a long, satisfying sip of an ice cold soda. It might not be healthy, but it has kept me alive and perky!) Being very short on money lately, and exhausted from working a long day, visions of Diet Coke floated in the air. While fishing out a one-dollar bill that desperately clung to life in the bottom of my purse, the van automatically found its way to the convenience store where a humongous drink of Diet Coke awaited me. I put my giant cup under the spigot and filled it to the brim, excited at the prospect of getting such a delight for only 89 cents! Looking up, the large soda sign smacked me in the face; this was not an “all…

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Keeping Faith


Almost three years  have  passed and today we can say we survived and continue to grow. Faith has sustained  us.

I share this to help others know that it to will pass and on the end of darkness that seems so overwelming, there is joy, happiness, love. The world will light up as you begin to see the many blessings that are in your  life.

I am so glad that my faith in God did not faulter. I pray everyday, and I would say many times in a day.

Keep faith. Know that God will not leave those who seek him.

For me, I always have bible verses come to me in my email and a devotion. I also seek others that are sharing inspiration and information of faith.

I find comfort in knowing that He is aways there. I have a confidence  that makes me strong to move to the next part of life. Praying before acting. Seeking Gods guidance.

Today we have gone from being blessed by family and them opening up their home to us, to being in our own home. We may not have a lot in terms of material worldly stuff, but we have much more.

If you find yourself in a dark place, Keep Faith He will pull you through.



Thought for the day

Lionel Sneed Ministries

109900-PatienceGod’s delayed answer to your prayer is grace shown in love. A delay is never a disregard for your petitions to Him. The delay is preparation for the above and beyond all that you could ever ask or imagine.” – Pastor Lionel

**If you are in need of prayer (Ephesians 6:18), please click “Prayer Request.” I would love to pray for you.

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What Space Do You Occupy?

A Very good question

Dream Big, Dream Often

I recently heard someone ask a deep and interesting question: What space do you occupy? There was no explanation to what the question meant or intended; it was simply asked and left to simmer.

Is it a question of proximity?  Or maybe a philosophical musing?  So as I tend to do I sat down quietly and unleashed my Achilles heal: my mind.

What space do I occupy?

In my mind, the question pertains to the concept of what one is accomplishing with one’s life.  As in, what difference are you making in the world?  What is your stamp on life?  It is my belief that each person is a small piece to a universal jigsaw puzzle.  We each must express our uniqueness to the world so that the world is complete. And without each individual expressing their uniqueness, the world is incomplete; much like a puzzle with missing or duplicate…

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