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4 little bunnies


No junk food Creative Easter Baskets on a budget!

Wanted to share what I came up with this year for the little grandkids. Each will receive a pail, kids love pails!

Inside those pails they will find a few items to spark their creativity. One item is a pack of seeds and a small pot to start them in. A box of bible card games, a activity they can do together, slippers, blanket and a few other little things. To add a little fun, the blanket, I folded into a bunny!

All into a Easter bag.


Completed folded blanket bunny!


Completed Basket!

Each basket was around $20.00
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Naiyana's Story

❤ Team Naiyana Update ❤

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since our last update but we will attempt to play a bit of catch up as our focus has been on transitioning and supporting our family into our new normal…so here goes nothing prayer warriors!


Got word that Naiyana, after her second admission in 6 days due to O2 stats being in the 60s being taken to Cath Lab emergently…It was after CATH Lab we discovered that she only had 1.5 mm of blood flow to her brain and heart…The doctors gave her only a week or less to live, or in other words before that shunt kinked off and she experienced what is called a “sudden death event.” It was a HEAVY blow but we clung to our faith, each other and OUR GOD…

We prayed about it and talked with her surgeons and doctors. The…

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