A Very good question

Dream Big, Dream Often

I recently heard someone ask a deep and interesting question: What space do you occupy? There was no explanation to what the question meant or intended; it was simply asked and left to simmer.

Is it a question of proximity?  Or maybe a philosophical musing?  So as I tend to do I sat down quietly and unleashed my Achilles heal: my mind.

What space do I occupy?

In my mind, the question pertains to the concept of what one is accomplishing with one’s life.  As in, what difference are you making in the world?  What is your stamp on life?  It is my belief that each person is a small piece to a universal jigsaw puzzle.  We each must express our uniqueness to the world so that the world is complete. And without each individual expressing their uniqueness, the world is incomplete; much like a puzzle with missing or duplicate…

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