It is the ability to step out of our zone

and take a look in ~

What do you see?

Is what you see where you need to be


want to be?

Is it comfort?

Is it healing?

Is it peaceful?

If not, are you able to change it?

Do you want to change it?

What keeps us?

Some of us are peace keepers and some of us destroy peace 

Either way thats what keeps us going!

The peace keepers thrive on consistency and keeping things in order.

The ability to be positive when storms come.

The ability to be grateful in all things.

They have the ability to comfort others even when they themselves need to be comforted.

A daily task to a peaceful spirit. 

Thats what keeps us going!

Thats what keeps us caring!


Inspire, Encourage and create Hope ~ Our Nontraditional Family

#noviolence #positivethinking #selfesteem #respect #lifeskills #purple



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