Beautiful, thanks for sharing and uplifting my day.

The Ambiguous Adult

Today, I was grocery shopping in my local, friendly neighborhood Food Lion, browsing in the produce section, searching for new fruits and veggies to try experience, when a man, maybe in his early 50s, wandered over and straight up stated, ‘I’m not trying to hit on you, but I just wanted to let you know I think you’re a very pretty young woman.’

I’ve had people hit on me and make it obvious. I’ve had people hit on me and attempt to make it not obvious. So I knew right away he wasn’t creeping–instead, he offered a random, heartfelt compliment which has made my day.

I feel good 🙂

But through that one interaction I’ve realized, as human beings, we can do so much to help one another. In the smallest of gestures, in the biggest of ways.

That man’s one compliment has uplifted my spirits, and I smiled and…

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