~ In the middle of no where ~


On our way to the beach is a 4 hour drive that takes you to the middle of no where.

A crossing of quiet emptiness.

When you get off the major route and head down the exit to a stretch of road, there sits a building of oldness and age as if we had entered the past. I wondered of what beauty this structure had held in it’s day.

( this was where they sold tickets for area attractions )

Not knowing at the time, I should have taken a picture of this piece of history.

Curious, I knew I had to get more information on this place they call


( according to wikipedia.org )


In the 1930’s the 4 corners were given the name Jackass Junction or Jackass Crossing ( when local ranchers rode on burros to visit the Desert Inn ). Then later in the 1950’s, Florida legislature change it to the present day name of Yeehaw Junction.


Inspire, Encourage and create Hope ~ Our Nontraditional Family



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