A surprise visit to see my son and then off to the white sandy beach!

We went on vacation!

A nice get away and some sandy fun ~

Come share some of our memories from the beginning till the end of our get away to the beach!

“JJ, we are going to see Uncle Mike!”

He was so excited as he exclaimed “Mike!”


With his trusty monkey by his side we were off!


(he LOVES monkeys)

Say “good bye”

and on the road we were off to see my son and his family ~



(We had good weather for our 4 hour  drive)

The kids were in bed by the time arrived and my son was there to greet us. I was talking with Catherine earlier before we left and we tried to keep it a secret that we were coming. How ever Catherine says “he is going to wonder what I am doing when I get the room ready for you guys.”  we just laughed as we were all excited that we had this opportunity to see each other.

We had a full day of visit and the children get along really well.

Oh and yes they do have the toddler moments of “thats mine!”

With a quick redirect they are off playing again.

Breakfast in the morning


(Eating pancakes for breakfast)

and we were off to the white sandy beach!

Thanks for sharing with us!

Come back tomorrow as we continue to share some vacation moments with you!

Inspire, Encourage and create Hope ~ Our Nontraditional Family



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