Who is at risk?

Infants, young children, elderly and pets

Individuals with heart or circulatory problems or other long-term illness

Employees working in the heat

Athletes and people who like to exercise (especially beginners)

Individuals taking certain medications that alter sweat production

Alcoholics and drug abusers

Heat related conditions:

Heatstroke :

Symptoms of heatstroke

The victim’s body feels extremely hot when touched.

Altered mental status (behavior) ranging from slight confusion and disorientation to coma.

Conscious victims usually become irrational, agitated, or even aggressive and may have seizures.

 In severe heatstroke, the victim can go into a coma in less than one hour.

The longer the coma lasts, the lower the chance for survival.

What to do :

Move person to a half-sitting position in the shade.

Call for emergency medical help immediately

If humidity is below 75%, spray victim with water and vigorously fan.

If humidity is above 75%, apply ice packs on neck, armpits or groin.

Heat Exhaustion :

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include:

 Severe thirst, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting and sometimes diarrhea.

 The affected person often mistakenly believes he or she has the flu.

 Uncontrolled heat exhaustion can evolve into heatstroke.

Profuse sweating

 Clammy or pale skin


 Rapid pulse

 Normal or slightly above normal body temperature

What to do :

Sit or lie down in the shade.

Drink cool water or a sports drink.

If persistent, gently apply wet towels and call for emergency medical help.

Heat Cramps

Painful muscular spasms that happen suddenly affecting legs or abdominal muscles.

What to do :

Sit or lie down in the shade.

Drink cool water or a sports drink.

Stretch affected muscles.

source :



Of course you want to avoid any of these conditions, here are a few foods that can help keep you cool and hydrated.


grapes, apples, pears, peaches, berries,

watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon,

citrus fruits like oranges.

cucumber, radishes, lettuce

source :


Your intake of fluids is very important and the type of fluids as well.

Drink plenty of water and avoid coffee or alcoholic drinks, as well extremely cold fluids or ice cream.

Some tid bits to help you avoid dangers during the hot weather months.

Remember to stay in a cool place if possible, some may even take advantage of a mall or shopping center as a place to cool off from the heat.

Never ever leave children, elderly, pets or anyone in your vehicle!

A good idea to avoid this :

get in the habit of:





it only takes a SECOND LOOK BACK!

to be sure everyone is safe.

Don’t just run out of your vehicle, before stepping away take a second look to be sure no one is in your vehicle.

Check on family and neighbors that they are all well also.

Other things you can do is take a shower to cool down, have a cool washcloth or towel around your neck and re-cool as needed.

Wear loose fitting cloths and at this time of the year a short set or a bathing suit are good choices. There are some nice loose fitting cover ups for bathing suits that can be worn.

Onesies are great for the little ones.


Some may have a swimming pool, fun in the sun, just be safe, apply sunscreen and don’t stay out in the sun to long be sure to take a break and have some water and refreshing fruit.


Don’t forget about the pets, they to need to stay cool and have plenty of water.


Another source is :




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