One of my favorite treats as I was growing up and still is today!

I make them periodically, when the graving of cookie dough is there. You must know what I am talking about. I think everyone has had that graving where you just want that cookie! But Why?

 Who invented such a wonderful delightful treat? I ask my self after all these years I have become curious as to whom the inventor was.


By Ruth Graves Wakefield, Thats who!

She, according to :

owned the Toll House Inn, in Whitman, Massachusetts.

There are a couple different stories about how she created this cookie. One was that she ran out of regular baker’s chocolate  and used broken pieces of semi-sweet chocolate and the cookie was created!

However after reading this information I am thinking she knew what she was doing because this was her life work and the Inn was very popular. You can come up with your own conclusion, all I know is they are delicious!

So apparently during During WWII, and this is the WHY?

Soldiers from Massachusetts, were sent cookies and shared them with other soldiers who were from different parts of the US. Because they were so yummy, soon Wakefield was bombarded with letters asking for her recipe and thus the graving began!

I totally use the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips. I do tweak it a bit.

Instead of butter I use vegetable shortening, I add a bit extra vanilla and bomb the dough with chocolate chips!


I still use my mothers old sunbeam mixer she gave me. That baby works like a charm and just because of how many things this mixer has made through out the years, that cookie taste even better!


From me to you



Our Nontraditional Family ~


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