Start them young and they will continue with it. Start to encourage healthy food choices at a early age, so you don’t have to compete with all those unhealthy logos and commercials.

It’s puzzling how our young 2 year old can recognize fast food when we pass by, despite the fact that he has never ate any of it. We don’t even buy it for ourselves and yet he can spot it every time, “Eat Eat!”  he shouts out!

On the positive side, when shopping he gets excited as we stroll through the produce department. It does my heart good to hear such excitement from him as we pass the bananas or the apples. Now that is encouraging! I add some cheese and crackers to intensify the flavors, it goes well with fruit.


JJ is not much for a heavy lunch or sandwiches. Bread is not for him unless it is toasted, so for him right now his choice of a sandwich is a toasted cheese lightly seasoned with garlic.  I mix it up and put croutons on the side.


Soups are another of his food choice for lunch. I find the easiest way for him to eat soup is in a soup cup.

 I think it’s important that we teach them when they are young to have healthy habits. When it comes to food I would rather hear them screaming for a apple over candy or junk food!

With that I have to include our garden project! Our little one will be able to plant and see the miracle of his food growing and actually taste fresh vegetables before and after they are cook. Hopefully instilling healthy habits for the future.


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