Tweak ~ to modify or slightly change to make life easier or work better within your environment.

This is my definition of my concept of Tweaking.

Have you ever had to just Tweak it so it works better for the good? sometimes you may have to Tweak the Tweak.

A couple of tweaks I have made :

This first is with our grill. It has a chain that hangs with a match holder attached. JJ plays with this all the time and to be sure he doesn’t get hurt from it, I decided to remove it. Chain gone and replaced the screw. Tweak done!

Some day you may need the hardware so keep it safe!


This next one is a narrow white stand and with the wheels on it is very toppsy turvy! Another tweak, I removed the wheels, which are now in my trunk of tweak hardware! Replaced the screws so they do not get lost.

I had JJ  help with this one. Learning to use the screw driver and lefty loosy, righty tighty. A basic skill he will need for sure.

   P1050941P1050942  P1050943

Is there any Tweaks you have had to make? If so what are they…..

” Everyday life needs a Tweak”

Our Nontraditional Family

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