Want to see the airplanes?

“ah ah”, in his soft voice

As we walked toward the airstrip and the large wings came into view of this tiny boy,

I felt a tug on my hand, as he says “No No” shaking his head.


“You want Grandma to carry you,”I asked and he softly says with his big brown eyes starring at me “ah ah.”

Safely in my arms we approached this huge aircraft,you could see the amazement in his eyes…


Closely watching as Uncle Greg and Pa Pa walked around and under the airplane…

P1050203 P1050205

we continued walking and going under the wing  JJ nudges me to get down , with airplanes surrounding us and the sound of them taking off behind us …

excitement takes over

jumping and pointing


P1050206 P1050233


You see JJ loves airplanes and is the first one to always notice and hear them as they fly over head, exclaiming “AIRPLANE!”

but I think he loves them most in the sky..




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