Sitting here pondering and thinking about all the trials and wonder of all the trials of others. This is a difficult time to live as I am sure in the past it has been difficult as well. Meeting the ends never really becomes reality for us who are in situations that make life hard. Today it is hard to find people helping others till the end of accomplishment. Today people need help getting up moving forward and staying the course till they are self sufficient ( long term help ). Now I am not saying that the little things don’t help because they do and they instill some hope for us that need it.

Picture a organization that would be able to help you get back up on your feet and continue until you were well on your way to self sufficiency and in return you help someone the same way. A pay it forward concept. Lets say you need transportation and we could provide it, that would decrease some stress and give hope. The possibilities are endless if we all help each other. This is a concept we have that we want to make a reality and would be the reality of the Deborah Ann Foundation, as we would like to name it in remembrance of my Daughter.

This is not something we can do on our own we need us all to help each other, but it has to start some where. I know I am in need and want to help others and this is a great way to do that.

Some questions for the world ~

Is there a need of more help out there?

Would you help others if there was someone to help you till you were self sufficient?

Is there anyone out there that has had this kind of long term help? If so  would you tell us about it.

Has anyone out there had difficulty getting help or finding help?

What kind of help are you seeking?

What would help you get back up on your feet?

Has anyone had a organization that helped them and gave long term support?

Is there anyone out there that would give to a organization that provided a pay it forward concept?

Are there any companies or organizations that would support a organization that would help others  with long term support and have those people help more people with long term support? A pay it forward concept.

Is there a organization that does this?

Don’t forget to comment and LETS MOVE THE WORLD  ~

PLEASE Share and lets see the answers to these questions.  Lets help each other!


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