This month we are going to focus on love. How Christ loved us and how he wants us to love each other. This is the most important thing He wants us to do. We can do this through kindness, sharing and giving.

We are doing a paper chain and on each link write down what we did to show kindness to others.

To introduce the holiday and begin a tradition  I have started by giving JJ a gift each day and a reason for the gift. His first gift was a book of the holiday and it shows a home and introduces decorating, making cookies, a Christmas tree and it just represents the joy of the holiday! It put a smile on his face and you could see the joy as he looked at the pages. He carried it every where. 


Today I am giving him a small tote bag with one of his favorite things on it,  AIRPLANES, to put his gifts in. Small enough for him to carry around. This will represent how he can take his joy where ever he goes and he can share his joy with others.


P1040697 P1040696

P1040698Now I could not have asked for a better picture ~ He put that book right in his bag ~ Smile

And didn’t he put that bag on his shoulder!! Love this kid!!!


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