I am sure we have all been here. The electric is out. What do you do? For most everything in the house is electric.Oh now what?

                   What do we have for breakfast? What about supper? My computer! I have nothing to do!

Yesterday morning I woke up early. First pot of coffee done, into carafe, next pot brewing. Beep Beep, next pot done. Just turned the water on to heat up on the stove (electric). Quiet morning begins, only the stove light on, sitting out on the porch. Ahhh that first cup,hits you like a train. Just the way I like it! The wind is softly blowing, a soft breeze flows through the porch and I hear a soft thud. Into the house I go and realize the electric is out. Got my coffee done!

A few minutes later everyone is up. We are  out sitting on the porch, enjoying our coffee. Our little guy enjoying his milk. You could here the soft chatter of people. Wow, I don”t think I have ever seen so many people out and about talking to each other. They were really talking to each other.

One of our friends here stopped by and My sister-in-law ( Aunt Deb) offered her some coffee. Ours was done so we had plenty to share. The ladies go outside and start walking around and run into another neighbor  and offer her some coffee. People were mingling, I have not seen this since my child hood.

                                       I wonder would we be better people if we had no electric ? 

                                       Would we learn how to communicate with each other again.

For our little guy, it did not phase him a bit. I’m sure he didn’t even have a clue that the electric was out. After all he had is milk, a bowl of rice crispies and his tablet, fully charged.

                WAIT!! There it goes again. A brief moment as I am writing JJ at my side

                                                                      and in a second,

                                               he is in my lap. Laughter fills the dark air!

                                   Ha Ha and I was just writing a blog post about yesterday morning.

                                       All is well the electric is back on. We are in business.

What are some of your experiences when the electric went out?


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