Every morning I awake , eyes not quite open, but wide enough to let some LIGHT in. Surviving those unexpected things that come our way can make you feel this way day after day. How do you survive?

We are a surviving family of the unexpected. No matter what they maybe we all have had our share of the unexpected. For some that unexpected can be so small that they don’t miss a beat in life, but for others whether small or big that unexpected can keep you in a tunnel that spins and spins with no way out. Have you ever been there? You know that ride at the park,it’s spinning, the seat your in is spinning and you have no control on stopping it to get out! The only way I am surviving the biggest unexpected thing in life is to find that small bit of JOY, GOODNESS, and LIGHT. The way I have figured out how to control that ride. Enjoy and focus on those things and suddenly the ride begins to slow down and I find myself enjoying life.

How did I accomplish this? For me it’s to get my daily Bible reading in every morning. Just as one would be sure to take their medicine, you don’t want to miss a dose. One can not just read, but must understand and apply what you read. For knowledge is power.

POWER!! Wow that’s big. It gives me POWER!! The ability to stand each day and enjoy life, by finding my way through the obstacles before me. Applying what I have read to my daily living.

This is how I am surviving! With POWER.

How are you surviving?

God Bless and thanks for stopping by.


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