Oh meal time, where did you go?

 This two year old is busy! He just has way to much to do. I mean really he has trucks to stack,  a tower of shoes to build, hats to wear, and blocks to throw. There just is not enough time to sit and eat. It’s like watching superman in high speed!

One thing at a time on his plate helps him focus on eating. More than one thing and he will mix the food together. So one focus item at a time for this busy little guy.

What challenges have you had with your busy little ones?


4 thoughts on “Meal Time Challenge

  1. My kids are a bit older now, and we are currently struggling with teaching our son how to not allow his emotions to control him. Frustration, confusion and being overwhelmed really throws him for a loop.


      1. We are still figuring that one out. Balancing between growing his character and letting him be him. perserverance is an important quality to have. And having struggled with balancing my own emotions, i know how important that ability is. Getting him there is far more difficult than i thought.

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  2. Keep you in my prayers, Remember to breathe and take some quiet time.Anxiety is one that I have not completely conquered, but able to control. Thanks for sharing. Always reach out, you are not alone.


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