Chickens, Goats , Horses  and Pumpkins, what better way to spend a few hours with a two year old. It took a few moments to lock in what he was seeing , after all he did just wake up from a half hour car ride. After rubbing his eyes a few times the focus of a pumpkin came into view. Wide eyed and excitement took over the tired faced two year old and the fun began.


Held on a farm in northern Florida, they did a nice job setting up a place where you can experience a little joy on the farm. With tractors and I must say they were old time,( reminded me of when my father would restore old tractors back to life and my children could drive them around ) the children loved getting up on them and just pretending to drive them let the imagination run, make believe was well at hand. This is a great time of year to visit farms if your able to.


We were truly blessed to experience and make memories with our grandson. A picture says a thousand words. Here are a few from our outing at the farm.

P1040531 P1040541 P1040574


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