We had a nice day for the park. JJ gets so excited as we begin our walk.Today as we got closer he knew where we were going as he got so excited as we got closer to the park.Yelling and pointing i knew his day has started out to be a great day for a boy of two! After the park it was off to the store to get hamburger and peppers for supper. Goulash! Yum! I do not have a car so for most of our outings ,walking is our mode of transportation. A great work out for this Grandma!

I am hoping tomorrow to share some past pictures of JJ and his Mommy. Each day I will try to give you a moment in memories so far for JJ. So stay with us and our goal for the future. God bless all and thanks for sharing with us.


2 thoughts on “Off To The Park !

  1. Reblogged this on Never2Much and commented:
    Its awesome to see progress, these moments in life will be forever in our memories and the only thing you can do is live life to the fullest…


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