The phone rings ……… what did this person just say to me. My soul was trying to comprehend what my ears just heard. I just talked to her,WAIT!!! my body was shaking tears have overcome me the world had just stopped and blew up in my face!! I can’t breathe,my heart  pounding so hard and fast my body moved with every beat.One week and no chance my daughter is missing,Missing???!!! What!!!

Phone calls from the detective and trying to get answers trying to comprehend and swallow this. They had nothing for me no answers only question, how do they expect me to answer anything? Time for me is gone, it is now just one BIG MOMENT!!! What is wrong with the system??? She did all she could to get out and away. She was there, why they do not have this man locked up after her report and getting a order of protectiion,a felon at that is beyond me!!!! I could see my little grandson( your mommy is so brave .she just knew and made sure you and your sister would be safe) as I lost my self….. I called her cell NO Answer ,No answer,sent a text call your mom!!!! NOTHING,NOTHING<nothing


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