This is the first,(blog), the quiet morning moment short lived but enough to have that moment with God and pray about what has happened and where we are today.I have done this for a year now and it seems to have me in circles. Praying that i can get this ~ the blogging experience down ~ starting with a few major events that brings me here today. Our little JJ is up so this moment is done, time to start our day and that begins with “juice” as JJ calls it. Really it is his morning cup of milk(thus bit milk) and it seems it is better when he drinks it in my arms. Grandma, Me, seems I put the magic in the milk. Love this little guy.

I wanted to begin as i said with the events that brought us here today,this will have to wait for the moment as I type with one hand and JJ in the other. Time for breakfast and our walk.



One thought on “Quiet time

  1. Though everything fell apart for you, you have the gift of JJ in your everyday life. I know it is a big responsibility but one I know in your heart you are up for. Prayers for all of you as always. Miss you.<3


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